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COMIC RETAILERS AND FANS: Great news! Alpha-Omega Comics has successfully launched and now the Alpha-Omega Web Site is set up to take Retailer Pre-Orders. That’s right fans, now your favorite comic stores and outlets can order Alpha-Omega Titles direct from us and display them on their shelves for your viewing and buying pleasure. So, if your local store, be it a Comic Specialty Retailer, major book store chain, Christian Specialty store or even Church book store has yet to fill their shelves with Alpha-Omega Comics, now they can easily go to the ‘RETAILER’ page on our web site, or contact STL/Faithworks to order them and GET EM!  (JV)1-1-07

DISTRIBUTION UPDATE: Great News Alpha-Omega Fans. We are set to be distributed to all of the major book stores, chains and news stands, along with the Christian based book stores. A big thanks goes out to STL/Faithworks, who will provide the distribution to these major chains. Spirit #1, Origins #1 and DSNG #1 will be available in January and if your local store does not carry them, they can order them for you, so tell the stores to “Get Em.” Comic Book Retailers will be notified of our distribution venue for them by the end of December, which will allow you, the fans, to order from your favorite Comic Shop as well. Thanks to all who have made our dreams a reality, and enjoy. Remember, “Everyone has a Hero hidden inside.” (JV)12-10-06  

DISTRIBUTION: In approximately 2 weeks, we will update our distribution venues and shelf dates. Stay tuned as the excitement builds and we make our announcements right here (and everywhere else) on November 20th. (JV)  

CONSEQUENTIAL 2006: We had a great time at this years Consequential. We can’t wait until next year. A big thanks goes out to Lin Workman, Andrew Chandler, Antone and Janet Wade, and all of the MSCA Staff who made it all happen and made it such a great experience for us. You guys did a great job. We also met some incredible artists and creators as well. Shout outs go to Steve Stanley, Anthony Parker, Dave Beaty, Adam Shaw and Kevin Williams. We look forward to working with you guys in the near future. Below is a look at a few pics of our Booth, enjoy. (JV)

DISTRIBUTION: Great News Alpha-Omega fans. We will soon be finalizing our distribution venues and should be in stores by December 06 or January 07. We will be launching the much anticipated titles; Spirit, Origins and DSNG. Soon after, we will also launch these exciting titles; Justice Rising and The Vow of the Nazirite. Stay tuned and we will keep you posted. (JV)

2006 Comic Con San Diego: Hey fans, we’ve just returned from the Con, and wow, was it great. We met a lot of great people and want to thank them all. A special thanks goes out to Rob Liefeld who was gracious enough to read our stuff and give us pointers on the Comic Book Biz. Thanks Rob. Also, thanks to Steve Leaf of Diamond Distributors for graciously giving us the low down on distribution. Steve is a very classy guy. We hope to have our own booth next year at the con, but until then, look for us in October on the 14th and 15th at the Consequential in Memphis, TN. Thanks again to all. (JV)