Alpha-Omega Comics
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Posted by Kathy Burton


Mentioned in the NY bestseller The DaVinci Code, the secret society known as, “The Priory of Sion,” have existed for centuries. An organization who’s duties included collecting physical samples from the greatest figures in history, they set out to create, The ONE (Organic Nucleic Entity). Genetically created by an elite team of scientists, a child was finally born. After an utterly quiet year, one minor accident caused the baby to let out a small whimper that left a wave of damage in its sonic wake. The Priory of Sion scientists realized that only in total seclusion would the infant be able to escape the inevitable global power struggle to posses him. Just before the journey to the remote Shaolin monastery atop the highest mountain in China, the scientists realized their efforts were in vain; the child was kidnapped and his escorts slaughtered. One officer wrongly accused of aiding the kidnappers, a Shaolin monk assigned to find him, and a state of technological art super solider, all join forces and set out on the ultimate quest, to reclaim The One.

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