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Posted by Kathy Burton

Justice Rising

Born into an African tribe, birth marked as a protector, Kahlo’s worst fears occur when his people are wiped out by a rival tribe, and he is sold into slavery. In the “New World,” he finds himself running from the law after a race related crime, and is taken in again as a protector to a Sioux tribe who recognized his birthmark as a symbol of protection. Again, his worst fears are realized as he and his tribe are slaughtered by a cavalry unit aided by the mysterious 4 Horseman. While in Purgatory, due to his heavy soul, he is given the chance to take “The Fall,” which allows him to return to earth and make amends. But it comes at a price: he would never be able to return to heaven. In Purgatory, time has no meaning and Kahlo finds himself replaced on earth in the present day. Befriended by a boxer turned preacher and a vengeful widow, the three “fallen souls” set out to find the 4 Horsemen with one goal in mind: Retribution.

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